The Road to Canada

The Road to Canada

The Grand Communications Route from Saint John to Quebec
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Since the last Ice Age, the safest route into Canada's interior during the winter ran from the Bay of Fundy and followed the main rivers north through New Brunswick. Aboriginal people used this route as a major highway and the imperial powers followed their lead.

The Grand Communications Route, as it was called, was the only conduit for information and goods between the interior settlements and the wider world and became the backbone for both England and France in their warfare over the territory. The route also played a key role in the American Revolution as well as the Aroostook War of 1839.

It is still in use today: the Trans-Canada Highway and Route 7 follow its path.  The Road to Canada tells the story of the Grand Communications Route and describes the historic sites, forts, blockhouses and other historic remains that can still be visited today.

Author: Gary Campbell
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Goose Lane Editions
Publishing Date: May 13th, 2005
# of Pages: 120