« La Créature de la Petitcodiac »

« La Créature de la Petitcodiac »

Une aventure des Trois Mousquetaires
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Only available in French.

A giant footprint on the riverbank, a blurred shape under the muddy waters of the Petitcodiac River and a few people claiming to have seen a huge creature briefly emerge: the rumors are flying. According to freelance journalist Atom Lutch, a muddy creature lurks in the Petitcodiac River.

However, the journalist seems more interested in the number of clicks he gets on his website rather than the truth. The famous detectives of the Three Musketeers agency are on a mission to unravel the mystery behind this story. Meanwhile, a symposium on genetic manipulation is taking place on the University of Moncton campus. Could there be an eel or a monster, under the mud?

Author: Denis M. Boucher
Illustrator: Paul Roux
Language: French
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bouton d’or Acadie
Publishing Date: September 30th, 2023
# of Pages: 216