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Stefanie MacDonald is the designer and owner of Halifax Paper Hearts. Her story started in 2014 when she was trying to find a card to celebrate the wedding of two women she loved dearly; however, she was unable to find an inclusive card she liked. Stefanie decided to create her own card for the special couple, and Paper Hearts was born.

Originally Stefanie was a marketing director for a commercial real estate firm, where she taught herself graphic design and practiced her skills through her tiny side-business, selling cards on Sunday mornings at local farmer’s markets. After 2.5 years, she had created a steadily growing business, with almost 150 retail partnerships. Stefanie decided to take a leap of faith and leave her corporate job and focus on her business full-time.

Today, Stefanie runs a successful seaside stationery and design studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is partners with over 225 retail boutiques across Canada.

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