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Orama Nidhi is a Quebec company founded in 1989 by the Montreal jewelry designer Carole Morand. Orama means "view" in Greek; and Nidhi, "treasure" in Sanskrit. "A view on the treasures" is what Carole offers by presenting her magnificent collection of jewelry.
A lover of great beauty, nature and travel, Carole has travelled to some of the most beautiful corners of the globe. During her travels, Carole carefully chooses each of the stones that serve as inspiration to create her unique pieces. Once her jewels are designed, she works locally, (sometimes in some of the countries she visits), and in close collaboration with talented artisans with whom she has developed sustainable fair trade business relations.
With 27 years of expertise as a wholesaler in the field of jewelry, Orama Nidhi continues to provide its customers with quality products that will appeal to those who appreciate elegance, refinement, style and originality.
Orama Nidhi: a beautiful view of the treasures of the world! Indulge yourself!
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