Flora of New Brunswick (2nd Edition)

Flora of New Brunswick (2nd Edition)

A Manual for the Identification of Vascular Plants of New Brunswick
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Flora of New Brunswick is a manual for the identification of vascular plants found in the province of New Brunswick.

In addition to providing a key to the vascular plants the manual contains:

  • The translation of the generic names
  • Mi'kmaq and Malaseet names of plants
  • Up-to-date scientific names and synonyms
  • A glossary and comprehensive index 
  • Illustrations and maps
  • Symbols and information about toxic and medicinal, rare and endangered plants and other plant lore
  • Lists of plants to look for in our neighboring state and provinces
  • A tabulated breakdown of the various groups of plants
  • A comprehensive bibliography
  • A history of plant collecting in New Brunswick by C.M.Young
  • A section contributed by Stephen Clayden, Curator of Botany at the New Brunswick Museum, on the history, physical setting and regional variation of the flora.

Author: Harold R. Hinds
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Publisher: University of New Brunswick
Published Date: 2000
# of Pages: 699