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Take Off to Tantramar

Take Off to Tantramar

Chocolate River Publishing
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Camelia Airheart is back! The endearing young Canada goose is on an adventure to the Tantramar Wetlands, in southeast New Brunswick. She is looking for “leg bling” just like the kind her Aunt Tilly has. As always, Camelia is easily distracted and needs help along the way.

In Take off to Tantramar, Camelia flies with her big brother, McCurdy, in search of the famous wetlands. There, they meet Drake, a chubby, rapping mallard duck, who can’t get enough of the “corn buffet”. While at the wetlands, Camelia and McCurdy get separated, and each has an adventure–Drake falls for an “inhabitant” of the wetlands while Camelia experiences the surprising (to her!) process of being banded, resulting in her getting a shiny leg band to call her own!

Authors: Odette Barr, Colleen Landry & Beth Weatherbee
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Chocolate  River Publishing
Published Date: May 25th, 2017
 # of Pages: 32

This book is also available in French.