« La promesse du bout du monde »

« La promesse du bout du monde »

Bouton d'or Acadie
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Available in French only.

Summer 1786. Two fifteen year-old orphan boys have embarked on a ship in Southhampton, Britain, that’s heading for the North-East of the Pacific Ocean. Alexis is of Acadian descent and is looking for his scattered family while his friend Hugh dreams of a better life. But once they arrive on the North American continent, a young starving cougar will disrupt the boys’ destiny…

While wounded Hugh is saved by a fellow crew member, Alexis gets lost in the forest and ends up in an Indigenous village decimated by the smallpox. Amongst the cadavers, a young girl is left alive. She and Alexis will help each other in their fight for survival

Author: Danielle S. Marcotte
Artist: Stéphanie Bourbeois
Language: French
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bouton d’or Acadie
Published Date: January 29th, 2021
# of Pages: 72