Before the Mast
Before the Mast
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Before the Mast

Rolling Down
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Before The Mast is a sea shanty group based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Saint John was once a major shipbuilding centre and whose tall ships routinely sailed to every major port in the world during the Age of Sail. The men of the group sing to entertain, to introduce audiences to the amazing richness and vitality of shipboard work songs and to celebrate our rich and storied maritime heritage. By necessity, shanties were sung without instrumental accompaniment. Before The Mast sings a-cappella to honour this tradition.

Musicians: Gary Caines, Greg Marquis, Paul-Emile Chiasson, Rick Clark, Roland D’Abadie, Bob Burgess, John Martin, John Lawrence and Jim Stephenson.


  1. What is a Shanty?
  2. South Australia (Live)
  3. Pay Me My Money Down (Live)
  4. Saute Dans Ta Barge
  5. Shenandoah
  6. John Kanaka (Live)
  7. Blood Red Roses (Live)
  8. Sam Hall
  9. Marco Polo
  10. Haul Away Joe (Live)
  11. Paddy Doyle’s Boots (Live)
  12. Marching Inland
  13. Bully In The Alley
  14. Last Shanty
  15. End of the Watch