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Collection: Fibres of Life

Jenn Pullin is the founder of Fibres of Life, located in Halifax Nova Scotia. Fibres of Life came about by chance when Jenn ended up in front of The Association for Craft Producers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Inspiration struck her, and she knew she wanted to start her business. She began buying locally made products and exporting them to Canada. Jenn’s main motivation and passion with the creation of Fibres of Life was to be a part of an international collaboration to support social and environmental development.
Jenn realized early on that no fair-trade project or artist can succeed without gorgeous and unique products that inspire. With no design background, Jenn had to learn how to observe the creative capacities of the fair trade groups she works with, and locate her own skills to design and develop products that would demonstrate the unquestionable value of handmade, ethically produced, quality products.
“Fair-trade products have taught me that beauty inspires. It engages our own creativity when we see it and ignites us to tap into our spirited and resourceful side to be great creators in our own way for good.”
-Jenn Pullin
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