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Collection: Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio

Deanne Fitzpatrick is the artist and owner of Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio, nestled in downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia. Deanne grew up in Freshwater, Newfoundland and when she was in her twenties, she attended the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia. It was there that she learned the basics of rug hooking and instantly fell in love with the practice. Deanne learned to rug hook as a practical craft – she wanted rugs for her old farmhouse – but it later turned into an art where she could tell stories and express herself.
Deanne was originally a therapist, but over the years she learned that she could help others and herself through the craft of rug hooking. She believes that craft and handmade can change how you view and feel about the world. Her style of rug hooking is therapeutic, with its meditative qualities and freedoms. Deanne now works full-time as a rug hooking artist and uses recycled cloth and wool from people in her communities.
The Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio is a warm and colourful space where Deanne displays her one-of-a-kind pieces, creates kits, patterns, hosts workshops, and sells supplies. The studio also produces a yearly calendar that is used to raise money for community mental health and they donate to various charities every year.
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