Fortune & La Tour

Fortune & La Tour

The Civil War in Acadia
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The gripping story of Acadia torn by civil strife in its infancy, the people involved and the reasons for the struggle.

To the shores of an unknown continent in 1606 came fourteen-year-old Charles de La Tour. He quickly fell under the spell of Acadia and was determined to make his life there. Fortune & La Tour is the story of that life – a life of wandering with a resolute band of Frenchmen and Mi’kmaq, of building forts to maintain the claims of France in America, and rising to become Lieutenant-Governor of Acadia.

But it was also a life of war, treachery, and survival, as Charles de Menou, Sieur d’Aulnay, waged a skillful campaign to destroy La Tour from across the Bay of Fundy. The action unfolds in Paris, London, and New France, with dreamers, schemers, Puritans, and priests all playing roles in the drama.

Author: M.A. MacDonald
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Publishing Date: January 7th, 2000
# of Pages: 228