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Collection: 30 Fathom Doormats

In 2008, Claus Wolter founded 30 Fathom Doormats in Grand Manan, New Brunswick, with the mission to reuse discarded rope from the commercial fishing industry and turn it into unique, long-lasting, and beautiful products. Upon seeing all the discarded rope being sent to the landfill, Claus and his team were determined to find another use for it – and the idea for doormats was born.
30 fathoms (approximately 180 feet) of discarded fishing rope from lobster and crab traps goes into making each of the handwoven recycled doormats. 30 Fathom Doormats has been sourcing the rope from local fishermen since the company started and has been responsible for keeping thousands of pounds out of the landfills each year. The rope is cleaned and hand-woven into the doormats and all salvageable parts of the trap lines and gear are returned to the fishermen for reuse. The fishing rope used is colorfast, washable, rot and mildew resistant, and guaranteed to last a long, long time.
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